12+ Best Affiliate Marketing Software & Tracking Platforms

With this feature, you may tap their representatives via phone, chat, or email any time you have a question, and you can be sure that their staff will accommodate you. PayKickstart is equipped with built-in business intelligence features to help you track and gain insight into your affiliate programs’ operational performance. With this, you can easily analyze your sales, traffic, conversion, and funnel metrics without having to rely on a separate analytics program. One thing that sets Everflow apart from other affiliate marketing software is deep analytics. The application allows users to drill down into campaign metrics like profit, revenue, margins, conversions, and clicks—all from a single dashboard. Most importantly, Everflow provides real-time metrics that make it easy to identify advertisement placements that are posting excellent and those delivering unsatisfactory results.

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It helps you build a focused brand and audience who knows what they can expect from you. And when they face an issue or seek guidance related to that topic, they will come to you to find information or product recommendations and drive your affiliate efforts. Join the Rakuten community for FREE and start earning from today. Rakuten works with a variety of stores and redirects you to the product page where you want your audience to buy and earn yourself a commission as cashback. Open a FREE account within 30 seconds, shop on an extension or app, and grow your cashback. If you want to create a product, you will need a lot of things – an idea, money for manufacturing, a team for marketing and selling the product, and other investments.


Understand drivers of cross-device engagement and mobile influence. Identify the publishers, audiences and products that drive cross-device consumer engagement. Optimise your programme with mobile-driven affiliates to drive share of voice and sales.

Once you establish authentic partnerships with members in your program that are aligned with business goals, you have the ability to grow your business with the right affiliates for your brand. ArabClicks delivers you innovative affiliate marketing solutions so you can make more money from your content, simply and easily. Our free products automatically connect you with top advertisers like Souq, Noon, Namshi and Tajawal, plus you’ll always get our best-in-class sales commissions.


With simple integration guides and plugin options for various ecommerce platforms, your advertisers can quickly become active on Awin to start generating sales and acquiring new customers. And unlike other platforms, Awin offers support from integration specialists to ensure your programs are operating swiftly and optimally. Fresh off a negative experience with an affiliate marketing software vendor, this reputable Consumer Home Goods & Services company needed the security of true, end-to-end program support. LinkMink makes it easy to track affiliates and affiliate sales and manage them using Stripe. The software matches real revenue to affiliate commissions to enable them to have risk-free growth. Automated commissions save customers time, and it’s possible to set up unlimited commission structures as well as create recurring performance reports.

affiliate marketing solutions

Gain special insider knowledge, get the latest CAKE news and learn more through exclusive how-to blog posts. More than 500 of the world’s most successful advertisers, networks and publishers build their business on CAKE. Create and manage a custom conversion pixel whitelist that protects your company from fraud in cases where server-to-server tracking is possible. Take immediate action on revenue-impacting fraud with pixel whitelisting and custom alerts that recognize abnormal campaign behavior and unrealistic conversion timeframe thresholds.

Zeropark is a results-driven advertising platform for affiliate marketers and media buyers looking to acquire high-intent customers outside of major search engines. CreatorIQ helps leading brands across multiple industries grow, manage, scale, and measure their creator programs. Sign up today and see why CreatorIQ is the right influencer marketing solution for your brand, too.

Of course, this type of affiliate marketing requires more legwork and time to build credibility, but it will likely result in greater payoffs down the road. While unattached affiliate marketing may be attractive due to its lack of commitment, it’s generally for those who simply want to generate an income without investing in the product or customer relationship. But other times, such as with diet services or skincare products, the customer may not trust an affiliate unless they know that he/she has tested and approved the product themselves.

  • Unlike other advertising channels, you won’t be pouring money down the drain.
  • Another option available to companies, is the creation of an embed signup in their store, with the platform offering optimized templates that can boost sales.
  • Vene dash is a performance marketing software built specifically to manage affiliate campaigns.
  • Using a self-registration page you create on Refersion and embed into your website, you can find and recruit the best affiliates for your business.

The software also includes a unique SmartSwitch function that helps users optimize their workflows and guard against fraud. Plus, it is flexible enough to adapt to your existing or planned workflows. Apart from facilitating a placements marketplace and providing pay-per-call solutions to promote products in a variety of distribution channels, CJ Affiliate also has lead generation options.

affiliate marketing solutions

This allows you to properly attribute clickthroughs as well as accurately calculate affiliate commissions. To top it all off, Freedom also has built-in payment processing options, so you don’t have to install different software to send out commissions. If you truly want affiliate management system to understand the progress of your campaigns, it is vital that you keep an eye on your metrics. Using FlexOffers’ real-time tracking module, you can easily pull reports on your campaign performance, clickthroughs, ROI, conversion rate, as well as pending commissions.