Tipos de pronombres en inglés: Pronombre objeto

En esta sección, podrás conocer el pronombre objeto en inglés. Además de entenderlo, podrás aprender a utilizarlo. También, al final podrás encontrar ejercicios prácticos del contenido.

In this section, you will be able to know, understand and put into used the object pronoun. Also, you will find some exercises at the bottom of this webpage.

Pronombre objeto en inglés / Object pronoun

El pronombre objeto remplaza a la persona que recibe la acción del verbo y es por esto que siembre va después del verbo o la preposición. Normalmente, se utiliza cuando la persona/objeto ha sido mencionada antes.

The object pronoun replaces the person who receives the action of the verb and because of this they come after the verb or the preposition. It’s normally used when the object/person has been mention before.

Subject pronoun

Object pronoun

Equivalente en español:

I /a?/ Me /mi?/ Mi
You /ju?/ You /ju?/ Ti / usted: lo / la
He /hi?/ Him /h?m/ Lo
She /?i?/ Her /h??r/ La
It /?t/ It /?t/ Lo / la
We /wi?/ Us /?s/ Nos
They /ðe?/ Them /ðem/ Los / las


Sara gave me the book

I told you not to lie

I saw Jim an hour ago = I saw him an hour ago

I talked to Rose = I talked to her

I read that book = I read it

Monica saw Rachel and I during the game = Monica saw us during the game

Sarah played with the children = Sarah played with them


Remplaza el objeto con el pronombre correcto / Replace the object with the correct pronoun:

  1. Sam feed the cat
  2. Mary went to classes with Tommy and Nicky
  3. John did not want to go out with Fred
  4. Chandler danced with Rachel
  5. I was in the shopping centre when I saw John and He saw ___ too
  6. Ross went to the cinema with daddy and me