Top Social Media Applications with Their Features

Spotify is not the first app to try and keep up with the exponential growth TikTok has seen in the last three years. Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts were conceptualized to compete with users migrating to TikTok for their vertical video fix. Spotify’s home screen will include much more visual stimuli; podcasts will automatically play and accompany a video. New playlists will display a large cover photo resembling a photo on your Instagram or Twitter feed. As Spotify continues to break the music streaming platform mold, it unveils a DJ powered by AI and a social media-like home screen. When it comes to social media, thinking globally means thinking beyond the English language.

Features to Include in Your Social Media App

Create blog posts, infographics, videos or eBooks on topics your customers are interested in and searching for and make the call-to-action to join your app. The cost of creating a social media app varies depending on which route you decide to go down in terms of building it. When thinking about creating a social media app, it’s important to make sure it’s intuitive and easy to use and will be appealing not only to you but to the audience you’re catering for. No longer do you have to squish important sentiments down into a 280 character limit. And gone is the standard, one-size-fits-all approach to design and functionality.

What Are the Fundamentals of Creating a Successful Social Media App?

They might even wonder if they accidentally landed on a different app, which could lead them to exit altogether. Considering MVP helps in cost-effective development as well as market the product quickly. Idea2app is a platform that enables you to build and launch your idea in a matter of minutes. Ask Me Anything allows users to engage in live conversation with famous public figures such as actors, politicians, and people with interesting jobs.

  • And users who share personal information in a chat, such as their phone number, will receive a pop-up safety alert to educate them about risk.
  • You can also discover common features that customers are looking for.
  • The cost of app development varies as per the hourly rates of developers.
  • Mehul Rajput is a CEO and Co-founder of MindInventory, a leading web and mobile app development company specialized in android and iOS app development.
  • When you design and own the digital platform you interact with your community on, there are no outside rules or limitations.

Here are some of the common features of social media that brands leverage to engage with their audience. Fernwayer is an iOS and Web-based social media app for travelers and experience makers so they can make and share their experience worldwide. The app connects travelers and local guides, offering an easy-to-use booking system with a detailed description of future experience. If you’re considering building a native social media app, then you will need a backend that can take months to develop and a client-side part for iOS, Android, or both. The approximate costs for development can range from $90,000 for one platform and $155,000 for two platforms. The exact list of technologies and tools depends on the particular specifications of the project, available budget, and platforms you want to release it on.

And during the early months of COVID, when everyone was stuck at home, Yubo tripled its daily user base. Founded in 2019, Public is both an investing app and a social network for users interested in finance, cryptocurrency, and investing. Users can manage their portfolios through the app, as well as exchange private messages and join discussions on public channels. But despite being one of the most-visited websites in the world with 50 million daily active users, it’s still overlooked by many brands and marketers. As Twitch continues to expand its reach beyond the gaming community, brands have more opportunities to reach audiences through the app. Companies can create their own branded channels, partner with Twitch influencers, or buy ads on the platform.

Top features social media apps have in common

The customer acquisition cost helps you determine if the app’s business model is a sustainable one and helps you to improve the ROI of your social media app development project. Many of the best mobile app development companies will have their own pricing model that charges clients based on the complexity and popularity of their social media apps. Some costs may be negotiable while others are set in stone depending on how many apps they already have developed in your niche. If you’re looking to improve your social media presence, here are the top 10 features of social media mobile apps and how much they’ll cost you.

Setting up authorization for users to have a convenient, hassle-free onboarding is a prime feature of every mobile application. Facebook, the pioneer of social media, has ranked in $85 billion in revenue in 2020. The phenomenal success stories of social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter have opened up doors of wide possibilities.

Features to Include in Your Social Media App

Messaging app Telegram was founded in 2013, as a privacy-focused alternative to bigger platforms like Facebook. Users can exchange files, photos, videos and more through chats through group chats that can include up to 200,000 people. There are also public Telegram channels, which can attract millions of followers. A month after launch, they had 141,000 downloads on iOS and 100,000 on Android.

Building a network

Hence, choosing the popular platform with throughout testing on different devices becomes a necessity in order to make app seamless and increase its reach to a global audience. Allow your users to connect easily with your app draw them to proceed in your app. In order to raise social graph swiftly, leveraging existing social connections work efficiently.

Features to Include in Your Social Media App

Having developed 200+ social media applications, we have gathered an understanding of what makes people feel connected with those famous applications and how you can use them in your favor. Quora is one of the most sought-after question and answer type social media apps that has been capable of gaining instant acknowledgement from a wide range of users. Let us look at them individually to give you a clearer idea of the features, tech stack, and costs required to build a social media app specific to these categories. Enabling users to search for other people, businesses, pages, communities, etc., is the next commonality that can be seen in the social media app domain.

If you are in the retail industry, you may have a specific target audience or multiple target audiences depending on the range of products you offer. If you sell toys for young children through an eCommerce site, for example, you are not just appealing to the kids themselves, but also to their parents . If you are a clothing store that offers a range of apparel for people of all ages, your target audience is much wider.

You can also integrate your mobile app with popular social media platforms and offer better services. Review social media platforms are the kind of platforms that allow the users to choose the best service or products by reading the reviews posted by other users. It is common for such types of social networks to include location-based features so that people can leave a review of local businesses. Similar to content sharing, one of the top features of social media apps is that they allow users to send both public and private messages to each other. Many social media apps even offer the option for users to engage in group chats and video calls. As long as users are connected to a WiFi network, messaging services will not affect the user’s data plans.

Customised social networks make monetization easy

For example, YouTube offers premium content add-free on the paid plan. Your app should only allow users to connect and make friends, and should also offer a means to invite friends not on the platform through a single click or step process. Social media app development for businesses provides a greater opportunity to reach users, engage them and increase brand awareness. There are several benefits to implementing social media authorization. One is that it helps businesses acquire users’ networks, thus assisting the brands in avoiding the creation of in-app user networks from scratch. Moreover, this form of authorization enables a business to acquire essential details from users such as email addresses, profile photographs, likes, and so forth.

Features to Include in Your Social Media App

Once you determine your target audience and what kinds of features they are looking for, it’s time to choose the type of social media application you want to create. There are several different types of social media apps, from those that focus on building relationships to those that are meant for public outreach. A social network is an online service for communicating with people who have similar interests or backgrounds and sharing content between them. The primary goal of any social media is to build connections with others, but today they went way further than this. A modern social media app is a platform for sharing opinions and ideas, discussing urgent topics, maintaining a personal brand, and even making payments and purchases. Also, now it’s a powerful marketing tool that companies of all industries can and should use to get attention and interact with their target audience.

With a host of factors contributing to growth, the share of the social apps in the app market is currently expanding fast. In the light of these statistics, it is evident that there are tons of applications for users to choose from, meaning fierce competition for app developers across the planet. Therefore, to cut through the noise and attract as many users as possible, any application available on the market should offer an array of useful features. These provisions will make it a better option among others, thus boosting use, user loyalty, and engagement.


The worst thing about Instagram is the inability to use direct links within captions. You can still direct people to the link in your bio if your content is compelling enough to make them want to visit the site. Bloggers can use Facebook to promote their blogs and grow their following, just as it does for millions of other businesses. The main project idea was to develop a solution that works as a traffic light.

Benefits of a Social Media Mobile App

When you create a social media app with Disciple Media, it’s easy to do that. – Disciple provides simple, effective ways to do just that without being intrusive. Membership subscriptions, sponsorship deals, exclusive offers, premium content and more are all available for those who build their social media applications with Disciple Media software.

The underlying platform of the app further affects its overall cost. After your app gains the initial traction, you can then switch to a cross-platform app. Social Media apps are meant to resolve multifaceted business problems. It is about building a large process from several independent smaller processes and link these to create an efficient system.

Audience engagement

And they’ll only give you access to the extra data if you’re the highest bidder. It is a well-known story that Facebook started with venture capitalist Peter Thiel making a $500,000 angel investment in the social network for 10.2% of the company. Initially, create a social media app the objective is to monetize the social media app or merge with a bigger player. The apps that allow for instant messaging and other chatting options supported with voice or video messages will create an additional channel for deepened user engagement.